Silicone based denture adhesive


The Problem:


Getting dentures to stay in place can be quite frustrating.  Most denture adhesives currently on the market are not completely effective at retaining dentures in place. Another frequent complaint with dentures is that over time, denture wearers are required have their dentures refitted in order to reestablish a tight seal between the wearer’s oral cavity and the dentures due to the natural changes in the gums and underlying boney structures that occur over time.  Dentures also generally require frequent cleaning, which involves not only removal of food particles and any adherent microorganisms, but can also involve removal of the adhesive that is employed to fix the dentures in the wearer’s mouth. 

Accordingly, it would be desirable to provide a new denture adhesive that provides strong hold, easy cleaning, and an ability to mitigate some of the physical changes to the underlying gums and/or bone that require dentures to be refitted.


The Technology:

Researchers in the College of Dentistry at the University of Tennessee have developed a silicone denture adhesive, Dentasil, which creates a substantially airtight gasket for a better hold.  The adhesive comprises a formulation that contains two separate silicone gels that are mixed together (See Figure 1.)

The adhesive gel is made with implant grade silicone, and is safe for use in the body for up to 30 days.  In addition to the silicone, each gel comprises a mixture of pigments, in amounts that provide a color desired by the denture wearer.  When the 2 gels are combined, the resulting mixture has a work time of 1 minute, a set time of 2 minutes, and a cure time of 3 minutes at room temperature.  The composition of the adhesive is designed such that the adhesiveness can be increased or decreased based on the preference of the user.  Another feature of the Dentasil is that, unlike most commercially available adhesives, it does not require cleaning to remove it because it peels off easily and cleanly.   

This adhesive formulation also acts a reliner. Often times, denture wearers will have their dentures refitted when they can no longer get a tight seal with denture adhesives.  The daily use of Dentasil provides daily relining of the dentures.

The researchers have compared Dentasil to commercially available denture adhesives. Initial testing shows that the adhesiveness is at least comparable to commercially available adhesives, but the gel removes more easily than the commercially available adhesives.  They will conduct additional studies to further elucidate the properties and characteristics of this novel adhesive.



Benefits and Features:

Provides strong hold

Adhesive and reliner all in one.

No cleaning required to remove adhesive.




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